About Gus

Gus started making photographs with a Nikon F4 he got from his grandfather at the age of 12. At the age of 16 he won his first award (in abstract photography) at his local school. In 2001 Gus finished his masters in Environment Science at Aberdeen University in Scotland, and since then he has been active in both climate science and photography. Gus has been privileged to work around the world with commissions from Google, The Guardian, National Geographic, among others. In 2012 Gus won a Press Award for his photos of the London Riots for The Guardian newspaper. In 2013 he married a Dane and moved to Copenhagen where he currently resides. In 2015 Gus was awarded the Best Music Photograph of the Year by the British Journal of Photography, following his coverage of Distortion for Euronews.  

Places where Gus has lived include: Aberdeen, Barcelona, Brisbane, Brussels, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Lisbon, London and Rio de Janeiro.

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